What’s going on?!

I may not be the most clued up person in the world about politics. I mean I know a few things and that’s quite good for me. But, regardless of politics I do know that what’s happening now in the world is NOT right.

Honestly, what in God’s green earth is going on?! If anybody has a clue or actually knows what the hell is going on, then hit your girl up over here to spill that tea.

This world is becoming a colder place by the day, I feel as though it’s becoming colder at an alarming rate. Especially since cheeto head has been elected as president.

Everytime I hear his name following the word ‘president’, it makes my skin crawl, as well as feeling disgusted and sick to my core. I also noticed, I involuntarily kiss my teeth and roll my eyes so hard I feel like they may get lost in the back of my skull one day.

Even now, it still baffles me how and why he’s in charge of the the land of the free and the home of the brave. It makes me feel disgusted to admit I have dual nationality to this country. Although I descend from the TRUE Americans; the Native Americans. I still feel ashamed to be apart of/associated with that country. A country I was once so proud to claim when I spoke about my heritage.

Trump is a horrible, disgraceful, misogynistic pro-everything that discriminates, hinders and offends everyone. Whatever their background, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age etc. You name it, and you’re guaranteed to find something stupid he’s either said or done to offend people. And still, he has no shame in his actions or words.

America, we were all rooting for you!


I know there’s a show called orange is the new black. But really, that title was taken too far by replacing Obama with Trump. But you know that’s none of my business.


The man isn’t even in for two weeks as president and leader of America, and low and behold, he’s royally fucked shit up. Why trust him with all this responsibility? I wouldn’t trust him or make him responsible to organise a piss up in a brewery.

He’s already tried to justify the use of torture. For goodness sake, TORTURE?! Something that can never be justified on any living being.

And now, he’s posed an immigration ban. An immigration ban from Muslim countries. REALLY CHEETO HEAD?! Really! And to make matters worse he’s going to ‘boot out’ people from America, who weren’t born there or hold an American passport or a green card. People who have contributed to the economy and society are now seen as ‘aliens’ rather than humans. That’s disgusting, you cannot dehumanise someone because they are different in whatever way.

How can a person, who is a first generation immigrant himself, try and boot someone out of the country. I mean without immigration he wouldn’t have had any wives now would he?

But sadly, this is history repeating itself if you think about it. I thought we would have learnt the first time 😦 hopefully it will not get as far as it did the first time round.

You cannot condemn a whole group of people over the actions of extremists/ terrorists. See how I said ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’ without the use of the words ‘muslim’ or ‘Islamic’, because those extremists ARE NOT Muslims!


They are infact brainwashed idiots who have no right praising Allah, or the prophet or even read and preach from the holy book. They have violated their own faith when taking another’s life and using their religion for evil and wrong doing.

The refugee crisis is real, and these people need help. You cannot deny these people access, why do that? They’ve lost everything, their homes, families, friends, businesses, belongings.. literally everything and they need help! They don’t need condemnation to no hope or working towards a better life or rebuilding the life they once had.

So, to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, I’m deeply sorry for everything you are facing, all of the hatred and ignorance to your peaceful faith. Know you’ll always have a friend in me and I will stand by you all. Basically, anyone who overgrown wotsit man has branded an alien, I’m sorry you have to go through this, but know the world and people with sense, compassion and loving hearts all stand by you💜

So now is definitely the time to make a difference and help out in anyway we can with what’s happening. Because since 9/11 the attacks that America have faced have been from American citizens. You’re more likely to get killed by a fellow American than a ‘terrorist’.

So tell me Mr. President, who is the real enemy? Because it certainly looks like you.

Oh and guys let’s save everyone here in the UK a trip from Trump and sign the petition.

I mean for someone so quick to instil an immigration ban by persecuting anyone different to him and his nazi like ideologies.

Why should he think he can freely travel across borders across the world.

Sorry for the long post/rant today. I will be back to my upbeat self so stay posted😘

Besos y abrazos

K x



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  1. Edith says:

    “I know there’s a show called orange is the new black. But really, that title was taken too far by replacing Obama with Trump. But you know that’s none of my business.”
    Best quote , this had me In stitches 🤣! Very well written and expressed! Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!💜 I was cracking up as I wrote it😂 I’m in the middle of writing up a new blog and posting it now, need to post something nice to read, to take our minds off the giant wotsit😂


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